To manage website menu, follow the steps given below. 

1. Navigate to Website Menu

The Online Store page will be displayed. 

2. Select the theme from the Theme drop down list. The available options are Charcoal 

    Black, Natural Brown, Passionate Red, Elegant White and Sunny Green.  

Scroll down for more options.

3. In the Header Preview section, Tap Edit Logo to edit the logo. 

The Receipt Configure screen will be displayed.

A. Tap on the Tap to Change icon to change logo. 

The Select Image dialog will be displayed.

B. If you tap on Take from Camera 

         - You can take a photo of the item directly via your mobile/tablet camera. 

C. If you tap on Select from Gallery 

         - The gallery screen will be displayed and you can select the existing image of 

            food item from the gallery. (Note: Selection must done from Album path 

            instead of Recent path or Image path). 

D. If you tap on Select from Web 

          - The system will use the item name to search online, simply select a preferred 

             image from the search result. 

E. Enter the name, address, telephone number and email address text to print below 

    the logo. 

F. Enter the thank you message to print at the bottom. 

Scroll down for more options. 

G. In the Currency section, select the country and language of the currency by taping 

    the on the Currency Country & Language field.   

H. Enter the currency symbol in the Symbol text entry box. 

Note: For Discount and Tax, go to Setting - > Payment Type.


I. Tap Save & Exit

The header preview section will be updated.  

4. Enter the support limited HTML styled text in the Text beside the Log text entry box.  

5. Enter the support limited HTML styled text in the Text below the Log text entry box.  

Scroll down for more options. 

6. In the Publish Menu to Website section, tap on that to upload the menu to website. 


The menu will we be starts to upload and select the required website to upload. 

7. You can share menu by tapping the Share option and select the required app to share the 


8. Or you can view the preview of the menu by tapping the Preview option. 

The preview of the menu will be displayed. 

Scroll down for more options. 

9. In the SMS section, you can enable or disable the SMS section. 

A. Specify whether or not enable or disable SMS, by tapping Enable or Disable

B. If applicable, enter the phone number that receives the SMS verification code in the 

    Phone No that Receives the SMS Verification Code text entry box.  

C. Specify whether or not auto accept order, by tapping Yes or No.  

D. If Yes, enter the auto reply message in the Auto Accept Order text entry box.  

E. Enter the accept numbers start with in the Accept Numbers Start with text entry box.

Scroll down for more options.

       F. Enter the block number or name that start with in the Block Number or Name that 

           Start with text entry box.  

       G. Specify whether or not forward all incoming SMS number, by tapping Enable or 


        H. If applicable, enter the forward all incoming SMS number in the Forward All Incoming 

            SMS text entry box. 

 10. Tap Save & Exit.  

The online store will be configured.