You can add details of customer to your phone contacts. To add to contact, follow the steps 

given below. 

1. Navigate to Order Station. 

The Order Station page will be displayed. 

2. Tap the table, the order of which you wish to add to contact. 

The Select Order to Proceed dialog will be displayed. 

3. Tap on the existing order. 

The selected order will be displayed in edit mode. 

4. Tap More > Add to Contact 

The new contact list will be displayed 

5. Enter the name in the first text entry box. 

6. Enter the phone number in the Phone text entry box. 

7. Enter the email address in the Email text entry box. 

8. Enter the notes if any, in the Notes text entry box. 

Scroll down for more options. 

9. You can assign group to the contact, set the ringtone, message alerts and vibration pattern 

on your mobile for the contact. 

10. Tap Save. 

The new contact will be added to your mobile device.