Quick Order is often used in Grab-and-Go business operation where the diner orders item at 

the counter and make payment before the item is served. It allows you to make instant orders 

and quickly process billing. 

To manage quick order, follow the steps given below. 

1. Navigate to Quick Order. 

The Quick Order page will be displayed. 

From here, you can make a quick order, manage table or pax, view and manage pending 

orders, view paid orders and print quick orders. You have filters to select items in order to make 

an order. The available options are Price (All), Category and All. You can also filter price 

names that you wish to view. 

For more information, refer to the following sections. 

  • Filtering Price Name to View 
  • Making Quick Order 
  • Managing Table/Pax 
  • Managing Pending Order 
  • Managing Paid Order 
  • Using Barcode Scanner for Ordering 
  • Printing Receipts