You can make quick order in this section. To make quick order, follow the steps given below. 

1. Navigate to Quick Order. 

The Quick Order page will be displayed. 

2. Tap on the category from which you wish to place an order. 


Tap on All and Category to switch display in All Menu Items and All Menu Categories. 

3. Tap on the item(s) you wish to place an order 

The selected item(s) will be added to the payment summary (Left). 

4. The Total field will be automatically calculated in real time. 

5. Select a Payment Type from the drop down list. 

    In the example here, Cash is selected. 

Note:For more information on Payment Type configuration, e.g. Visa, Master Card, Coupon 

etc. refer to the section, Setting Payment Type. 

6. Enter the amount to be paid in the text entry box. 

7. To scan barcode for a product, tap Click to Enter Barcode. For more information, refer to 

    the section, Using Barcode Scanner for Ordering. 

8. To print the receipt, tap on Receipt, Receipt will be printer (from Receipt Printer) 

    with Order Slip printed from respective Order Printer (if any). 

For more information on printer configuration, refer to the sections, Setting Receipt/Report 

Printer and Setting Ordering Printer. 

9. To open cash drawer, tap on Open

Note. Cash Drawer is to be connected to receipt printer via LAN, for more information on 

hardware setup, refer to the section, Getting Started setup guide. 

10. Tap on Paid, to make the existing order as Paid, the order will then be closed and 

      saved into Paid tab . 

The new order will be saved as Paid, and can be retrieve from Paid Order.