If Table Number is required for your order, you can select a table to proceed with order follow 

the steps given below. 

1. Navigate to Quick Order. 

The Quick Order page will be displayed. 

2. Tap on Table () icon.

3. Tap on the table you wish to start an order. 

The selected table will be displayed. 

4. Tap on Table/Pax 

The options dialog will be displayed. 

5. To cancel the order, tap on Cancel Order. 

The order will be cancelled from the selected table. 

6. To apply discount, tap on Discount. 

The Select Discountin Percentage dialog will be displayed. 

7. Enter the discount amount in the Discount Amount field. 

8. Tap OK. 

The changes made to the discount amount will be updated 

9. To edit information, tap on Edit Info to change Table Number / No. of Pax. 

The Select Table and Pax dialog will be displayed. 

From here, you can manage table or pax. For more information, refer to the section, Step 2: 

Change/Merge Table and Pax (Optional). 

10. To edit orders on the table, tap on the order you wish to edit. 

The options dialog will be displayed. 

From here, you can edit the selected order.