The selling price for 100g of vegetable is $3.99. Customer bought 250g of vegetable.

1. Create the item vegetable.

a. Configure the vegetable as open item

b. Add price name "100g" and price value is "3.99"

c. Configure the Weight Conversion as "100"

2. Create the stock vegetable

- Configure the UoM as "g"

- Display Unit as "kg" (e.g. "packet")

- Conversion as "1000"

Link the Item Vegetable and Stock Vegetable.

3. Taking Order 

  1. Click on the item and the weighing dialog will be shown
  2. Enter the weight "250" in g
  3. System will auto calculate the price of the vegetable - ( 250 g / 100g ) * $ 3.99

4. Receipt / Bill

The total weight and the conversion is clearly stated on the receipt.

5. Inventory

It will record as 250g / 0.25kg out