Note: This configuration is for Text Print and NOT Bitmap Print. 
Not all printer can support reliable bitmap print as it depend on the quality of the printer and builtin memory.
Bitmap print is highly recommended as it support any kind of language and QR Code.

Steps to check and configure the printer to print other then English

1. Perform printer Self Test to find what are the additional languages the printer can support.

  • Turn OFF the printer
  • Press and hold the FEED button and then turn on the printer. 
  • Once the self test is completed, release the FEED button and turn OFF the printer.

2. From the self test print out, identify the following section.

3. Under the printer configuration -> Advance, 

  • Configure the Char per line (80mm - 48 chars, 50mm -32)
  • Un-check "Convert to English text"
  • Configure the Advance Setting as per the encoding - ENCODING:GB18030