The TV Menu Board is a digital menu displayed on TV screens, mainly to attract the customers' attention and promote menu items.

This article will teach you how to:

Apart from that, please refer to this section to see how your online store options will affect your TV Menu Board.

Step 1: Access Your TV Menu Board

1. Select TV Menu Board located at the bottom row of the FoodZaps app's Home screen.

2. Select Preview.

Note: You must publish your online store before you can access the TV Menu Board.

Please refer to Step 3: Publish Your Online Menu to learn how.

3. The TV Menu Board will now be displayed on your screen.

Step 2: Open Up The Settings

In order to configure your TV Menu Board, you will have to connect a mouse to your ZapsBox first. Once you're done with that,

1. Scroll to the bottom

2. Click on the FoodZaps logo.

3. The Configuration menu will appear on your screen.

Step 3: Configure Settings

3.1 Various Settings

1. Margins

This setting allows you to adjust the space between the edge of the screen and your menu items.

Increasing the margin will increase that space.

Top Margin (px) set to 0

Top Margin (px) set to 100

2. Scroll Speed

This setting allows you to alter how fast your menu scrolls downwards.

Decreasing the scroll speed will cause your menu to scroll faster.

Scroll Speed set to 50

Scroll Speed set to 0

3. Text Styles and Background Color/Image

These settings are used to change how the TV Menu Board looks.

(a) Text Styles are used to change how the texts look.

The image above shows the texts affected by their respective options

The image above shows the texts' characteristic affected by each option

(b) Background Color/Image is used to change the background of the TV Menu Board.

4. No. of offset items

Depending on the number you have entered for this option, it will hide that amount of items from the TV Menu Board.

No. of offset items set to 0 (no items hidden)

No. of offset items set to 7 (all 7 items in the "Breakfast" category hidden)

5. Display Page No.

If you are using multiple devices to display your TV Menu Board, this setting will allow you to determine which page each device will display.

6. No. of Columns and No. of Rows

a. No. of Columns Used to set the number of columns that will appear on your TV Menu Board.

b. No. of Rows  Used to set the number of items tat will appear in each column.


The settings

The result

3.2 Saving Your Changes

After you're done configuring your TV Menu Board, click on Save Changes to apply the new settings.

3.3 Templates

1. In the Configuration window, click on the Template button.

2. A new window, where you can choose a ready-made template for display.

3. After selecting a template, click on Save Changes.

4. The template has now been applied to your TV Menu Board.

Backup and Restore Your Settings

When clearing your cache, your current settings will be lost. 

Therefore, we recommend that you export your settings so that it can be restored.

This feature will also come in handy when you would like to use the same layout on another TV Menu Board.

To export your settings, 

1. Open up the settings

2. Click on Export Settings

3. A JSON file will be downloaded into the Download folder on your device

Using your device's file manager, you should be able to find a file named 

backup_tvmenuboard-settings.json in the Download folder

When you would like to restore the exported settings, 

1. Click on the file

2. Copy the contents of the file

You will probably need to connect a keyboard to your ZapsBox so that you 

can use the copy keyboard shortcut (CTRL + C)

3. Open up the settings on your TV Menu Board and scroll down to Import Settings

4. Paste the copied contents into the Import Settings text box

Use the paste keyboard shortcut (CTRL + V)

5. Click on Save Changes

6. Your old settings should appear

Effect of Online Store Options on Your TV Menu Board

Firstly, only the menu that is published on the online store will appear on your TV Menu Board.

For example, if you select Regular Menu for Type of Menu to Publish, only your Regular Menu will appear on both the online store and TV Menu Board, while promotions will be hidden on both.

Next, the How to show the price name? option will also affect both your online store and TV Menu Board.

Refer to the table below to see each option's effect on the TV Menu Board:

(a) Hide the price

(b) Discounted price and discount percentage

(c) Discounted price and strikeout original price

(d) Discounted price only

(e) Price name

Note that the text in front of the "/" followed by Category name is the Promotion name.

To see this option's effect on the online store, please refer to How to setup your own online store (QR Code).

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