With this Loyalty Program (Pineapple), you can build customer loyalty while gathering valuable data from loyal customers, all of which can lead to an increase in sales.

Below are some important things to know about Pineapple:

Registering a Member

Customers can be registered as members during a transaction or even outside of one.

Follow the steps below to do so:

1. During a transaction: Tap on Add to Membership when checking out

    Outside of a transaction: Tap on Memberships on the bottom row of the Home screen

Tap on Add to Membership if you would like to register a member during a transaction
Tap on Memberships if you would like to register a member outside of a transaction

2. Tap on Register


3. Enter the customer's Display Name and select their tier

    The Email field can be left empty for the time being, as it can be updated later by the customer themselves

    While you can set the customer's Card No and PIN No manually, they can be generated automatically if left empty

Mandatory Fields

4. The member has been successfully registered


Member Search

You can look for a member using any one of the three following methods:

1. Card No

Also known as Membership ID.

2. Email

In the event that a member forgets their Card No and doesn't have their phone with them, their email address can be used to search for their account.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that a member adds an email to their account if they have not done so during registration.

3. Scan QR

If a member has their phone with them, they can log onto the Pineapple Portal and show their QR code to the cashier.

Bill Discount for Members of Different Tiers

A member's tier is decided during registration, but can be changed later by authorized staff.

There are a total of 5 tiers, which all differ in Name, Bill Discount and Point Multiplier.

Note: Go to [Setting] -> [Pineapple Membership] to modify these characteristics

The page for modifying tier characteristics

Making an Order

When a member is checking out, the transaction can be linked to their account by following the steps below:

1. On the Checkout screen, tap on Add to Membership

2. Search for the member (refer to Member Search)

In this example, Card No was used to search for the member

3. Once the member has been found, tap on Link

4. The member has been successfully linked to the transaction

Issuing Points

The number of points gained in a transaction depends on the point multiplier of the member's tier. For example, a member with a point multiplier of 0.1 will gain 1 point upon spending 10 dollars.

Below are the steps for issuing points to a member (continues from Making an Order section):

5. Enter the amount paid by the member and tap on Paid or Print-Paid

6. Tap on Confirm when the following dialog appears

7. The payment has been made and the points have been successfully issued to the member

1.10 points have been issued to the member

Making Rewards for Point Redemption

Members can use the points gained from previous transactions to redeem rewards such as vouchers as well as menu items. 

However, these vouchers and menu items have to be created first. 

When creating these rewards, keep in mind that 1 point is equivalent to 1 dollar.

Follow the steps bellow to create these rewards:

A. Voucher with fixed value

This voucher is made by creating an item with a negative price value

1. Go to Settings

2. Tap on EMenu

3. Tap on the "+" icon in the top right corner

4. Under BASIC, give the voucher a name and assign it to a category

5. Under PRICE, scroll down to List of Price and give it a negative price

6. Under MEMBERSHIP, set the amount of points needed to redeem this item

7. Tap on Save & Exit

8. The voucher has been created

B. Voucher with open value

This voucher is made by creating an item with zero price value

1. Follow Steps 1 to 4 (A. Voucher with Fixed Value)

2. Under BASIC, scroll down to Ordering Type and toggle Yes for Open Item

3. Under PRICE, set the price to 0

4. Tap on Save & Exit

5. The voucher has been created

C. Items that can be purchased using points

1. Follow Steps 1 to 2 (section A. Voucher with Fixed Value)

2. Tap on the item that should be purchasable with points

3. Tap on Copy As New

4. Under PRICE, set its price to 0

5. Under MEMBERSHIP, set the redemption value to its original price

6. Tap on Save & Exit

7. The item has been created

Claim Rewards Using Points

There is a different process for claiming rewards depending on whether it's an open item or has a fixed value.

Open Item (Voucher with Open Value)

(a) For Order Station

1. On the Checkout menu, tap on Add New Order

2. Search for and tap on the open voucher

3. Enter the amount to be discounted by giving it a negative value, then tap on OK (remember: 1pt = $1)

4. Once you're done, tap on OK again

5. Tap on the cart icon in the bottom right corner

6. Tap on the open voucher

7. Tap on Member

8. Search for the member

9. Tap on Redeem

10. Tap on Confirm

11. The open voucher has been successfully added to the order

(b) For Quick Order

1. Search for and tap on the open voucher

2. Enter the amount to be discounted by giving it a negative value, then tap on OK (remember: 1pt = $1)

3. Go back to the checkout screen

4. Tap on the open voucher

5. Follow Steps 7 to 10 (from (a) Order Station)

6. The open voucher has been successfully added to the order

Fixed Value (Menu Items & Voucher with Fixed Value)

1. Search for and tap on the item/voucher

2. Follow Steps 8 to 10 (from (a) Order Station)

3. Tap on OK
4. The item/voucher has been added to the order

Email Notifications

When redeeming rewards, members who have linked their email to their Pineapple account will receive a notification about the redemption, such as the one below:

View Past Transactions

To view past transactions, simply search for the member and scroll down. There should be a Transaction section right below the buttons in the Member Info section.

1. Search for the member

2. Scroll down to view past transactions

The 2 latest transactions can be printed. To do so, tap on Print.

A receipt similar to the one below will be printed.

Delete Transaction

You can return/recall points from specific transactions by deleting that transaction. Follow the steps bellow to do so:

1. Tap on Memberships on the bottom row of the Home screen

2. Search for the member

3. Once the member has been found, scroll down to look for the transaction you would like to delete

Then, tap on Delete

4. Tap on Confirm

5. The transaction has been deleted and the points have been returned/recalled

Original point was 13.34 (see No. 3), a total of 11 points were returned from the deleted transaction
The transaction deletion will also be saved in the member's transaction history

Store a Member's Preference

A member's preference can be stored using the following steps:

1. Search for the Member

2. Click on Edit Points

3. Enter the New Total Points (same as current total points) for verification

4. Enter the remark (preference)

5. The member's preference has been saved

Web Portal to Register/Update Email

A member's email does not need to be included during registration by a staff. If the member wishes to update their email, they can scan the QR code on the receipt (like this one) to update their information on the Pineapple Portal.

After successfully connecting to the Pineapple Portal,

1. Tap on Register / Update Email & Name

2. Fill in your details

3. Tap on Send

4. Close the message informing you about the verification email that has been sent

5. Look for the verification email in your inbox

6. Tap on the verification link

7. You have successfully registered your email to your Pineapple account

Web Portal to Check Transactions and Points

Members can view past transactions from their smartphones by logging onto the Pineapple Portal. This can be done by scanning the QR code on their receipt. 

After logging in, you will be redirected to a page containing your QR code, Name, Card No, Total Points, Tier Name, Bill Discount and Reward Point Multiplier.

Tapping on Transaction Details will display a dialog containing all of the member's previous transactions.

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