Online Ordering (QR Code) is a feature which allows customers to place an order themselves.


The main advantage you'll gain from this feature is workforce reduction. By allowing customers to place orders by themselves, the need for waiters will be reduced, which will in turn decrease the amount of wrong orders caused by human errors. 

Here are some other benefits that can be gained from Online Ordering:

- Customers can order on their own without having to wait for their turn

- Customers will not be under pressure for time when ordering

- More information can be provided on electronic menus

- Possible to be used alongside the traditional method without any interference

- Allows the eMenu to be changed easily (Dynamic pricing)


Not to worry, FoodZaps Table QR Code can work with the traditional method without any interference. Waiters can even up-sell and take the customers' orders by using FoodZaps Mobile Ordering.

We've made it so that the system is affordable to most businesses. Hardware (Mobile POS), setup and subscriptions cost is $1,400 for the first 12 months, while subsequent subscription fee for the QR Code module is $3 per day.

Singapore has a smartphone penetration rate of more than 75%. In the event that a customer does not have one, your waiters can still take their order for them.

The Customers' Ordering Process

After the customer submits their order, the system will return a confirmation code. 

Having received the order, the restaurant can either:

(a) inform the kitchen about it immediately; or

(b) send a staff to approach the customer for confirmation first.

Your Side

1. Create an eMenu using the FoodZaps POS 

2. Publish the eMenu using FoodZaps Mobile POS

3. Customize the QR Code Label

4. Print the QR Code using FoodZaps Mobile POS and manually attach them to each table

5. You can choose whether orders should be accepted automatically or require confirmation from the floor staff first.

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