Instead of purchasing a separate clocking system, track your staff's attendance with this easy-to-use feature, no extra hardware required! 

It offers:

Registering a New User

1. On the Home screen, tap on Settings.

2. Under User Management, tap on User.

3. Tap on ADD USER in the top right corner of the User menu.

4. Fill in the user's details.

5. Once you're done, tap on Save & Exit.

6. The new user should now appear as an option when logging in.

Clocking In/Out

Step 0: Log Out of The Previous User's Account

This step can be skipped if the Padlock icon at the bottom of the Home screen is already orange (no user is currently logged in). 

1. Tap on the green Padlock icon located at the very bottom of the Home screen.

3. A pop up will appear, asking if you would like to log out. Select Yes.

4. Once you're done, skip to No. of Step 1: Log In.

Step 1: Log In

1. Tap on the orange Padlock icon located at the very bottom of the Home screen.

2. A Login dialog will appear.

Select your username and enter your password (if you have one).

User "John" is selected

Entering the password for "John"

3. You will be sent back to the home screen. 

If the orange Padlock icon has turned green and the text next to it is your username, you have successfully logged in.

Step 2: Clock In/Out

1. Select Clock In/Out located at the bottom row of the Home screen.

2. A pop up will appear. To: 

(a) clock in, tap on Clock IN.
(b) clock out, tap on Clock OUT.

Extra Features

Email Notifications

If the email field was filled in during user creation, an email notification will be sent to that email when the user clocks in or out.

Email notifications received by a user when clocking in/out

Online Reports

Log onto Zaps Boss to view the staff attendance report. 

The report is created automatically, and updates itself during Backups.

It can be found by clicking on Clock In/Out under Outlet Sales (located on the side bar)

Where to find the report

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