Full Backup will back up everything from the FoodZaps App on the device, such as:

  • Menu & Stock
  • Setting / Configuration
  • Transaction (sales, inventory, log) for up to 7 days

This feature:

  • can automatically run daily
  • has an option for backing up to local storage (SD Card), Dropbox or Google Drive

In this article, you will learn how to enable Full Backup and restore it

Full Data Backup is different from Transaction Backup and eMenu Cloud Sync

Transaction Backup (sometimes known as Cloud Backup) has the following functions and features:
- sends out Daily Sales Report(s)
- backs up transactions
- automatically runs hourly
- can be configured to avoid running during peak hours
- backups are located on FoodZaps cloud and can be accessed online via online portal

eMenu Cloud Sync is a feature that allows you to edit the eMenu online. It does NOT carry out backups.
In case of an emergency, you can contact assist@foodzaps.com to restore the menu to another device via the eMenu Cloud Sync.

How to enable Full Backup

1. From Setting, scroll down to System and tap on This Device

2. Scroll down to Full Backup and toggle Run a full backup daily to Yes

3. Select the backup type

4. Tap on Edit to designate the backup location

4. Tap on Backup Now to test whether the local backup is working

It is working if you can find the backup file in the designated backup location


  • For local backup, the storage space can be SD_Card.
  • The backup will be done during either:
    • the manual settlement time; or
    • the 1 hour period of the auto settlement time.

How to restore Full Backup

There are 2 type of restore:

  1. Restore Data & Setting
  2. Full Restore including the Account & Subscription  

The restore is triggered during the initial setup.

Data Restore


2. Select Restore Data from Backup

3. Select the location of the backup file

4. Select the backup file from the designated backup location

5. When you get redirected to the login page, fill in your login details and tap on Login

6. You have successfully completed the Data Restore

Full Restore

Full restore is used when you want to upgrade the device or replace a faulty one.

Please contact assist@foodzaps.com in order to perform a Full Restore.

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