A new floating button has been added to the Quick Order's menu page for easier navigation.

Note: If the button is blocking a menu item, tap and hold the button, then drag it elsewhere

After you're done adding items to the order, tap on the button to see a preview of the order

There are 3 actions you can take from here:

  1. Bill
  2. SAVE
  3. Confirm

Note: To close the preview without taking any of the 3 actions above, simply tap outside of the preview dialog

a. Bill  redirects you to the checkout page

b. SAVE temporarily saves the order to Online (if a table has not been selected)

A saved order will not appear in the KDS/Progress Station unless the primary progress has been set to Save

c. Confirm confirms the order and sends it to the appropriate prepare station

Similar to SAVE, the order will be saved in Online if a table has not been selected

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