Instead of editing your eMenu using your control station, you can now do it from any device using Zaps Boss.

Here are some key points we will be going through in this article:


- eMenu editing can only be done on ONE platform (control station OR Zaps Boss) at a time

- For the first time, you must have at least one item in the eMenu of your control station

- Only FoodZaps App version 10539 and above can support Online eMenu edit.

eMenu Cloud Sync

1. On your control station, go to your eMenu

2. Tap on the arrow icon to reveal a drop-down list, then select Cloud Sync

3. Tap on Yes

4. The eMenu has successfully synced to the cloud! The eMenu on your control station is now locked (cannot be modified) and you can begin editing it on the online portal.

"(Lock)" now appears next to the "Edit EMenu" title to indicate its read-only status

Editing the eMenu on Zaps Boss

1. Use the following link to go to Zaps Boss: 

2. After you have logged in, click on Control Stations

3. Then, click on Device Profile (Beta)->EMen to begin editing


(a) To add a new item, click on Add Item
(b) To edit an item, click on any of the item's field
(c) To hide an item, click on Hidden; To show an item, click on Show
(d) To delete an item, click on Delete*
(e) To copy an item, click on Copy
To restore a deleted item, click on Restore.

Note: This can only be done if you have not started Step 4

After editing/adding an item, remember to click on OK to save it

4. After you're done, click on Save To Cloud

5. A message asks you to Enter a security passcode to allow Users to unlock the settings for editing on the Device:

(1). You can leave blank or enter a passcode.

(2).Then click OK to confirm.

A message informing you about the successful upload will appear. Close it. 

6. Back on your control station, repeat all the steps from eMenu Cloud Sync

7. The changes you've made to the eMenu on the online portal will now appear on the control station's eMenu.

Unlocking Your Control Station's eMenu

1. Tap on any item in the eMenu of your control station

2. Tap on unlock: Enter the security code (if applicable) .Click Unlock

3. You can now edit the eMenu on the control station, while editing on the online portal has been disabled

Messages that appear after enabling editing of eMenu on control station

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