You’ve got your FoodZaps SMART Restaurant Management fully set up. You are not in the outlet and want to know the current sales, getting real-time notification when item is sold out, void a bill, who has reported for work, edit the menu/promotion, update the inventory.... 


1. Install Telegram

2. Create ZapsBot

  • Open a conversation with the BotFather.
  • Type /start followed by 
     to create a new bot. Give your bot a display name and a username.
  • You’ll be provided with a link to start a conversation with your bot and unique API key. Store it somewhere as we’ll use it soon to configure the ZapsBot.

3. Configure ZapsBot

  • Launch FoodZaps App
  • Go to Setting -> ZapsBot (Telegram)
  • Enter the unique API key and save
  • Create an Employee (Admin Access) and password must not be empty
  • Restart FoodZaps App

4. Start your first conversion with ZapsBot

  • At Telegram, click on the ZapsBot you have just created
  • Enter the following message to start

5. Configure ZapsBot to work in a group

  • From Telegram, open a message with BotFather
  • Disable privacy so that ZapsBot can able to read from group chat /setprivacy
  • Enable Zapsbot to join a group /setjoingroups
  • The person talking to ZapsBot in a group must have a username



loginEmployee must has a password. Once the control station is restart, the login session will be gone.
logoutAllLogout All Users.
Short Cut
sListList all the short cut
sAddAdd or Remove short.
sExeExecute chain of short cut