PayNow helps your business receive secure and instant payments across Singapore. Your customers can make payments seamlessly either by scanning or uploading the QR code from their device. 

The fund is transferred to your bank account immediately and ZERO transaction fee.

Customer open the Bank App to scan the QR Code on the Digital Receipt, Paper Receipt or Customer Display.

The Payment information (Company Name, Amount and Reference No) will auto pre-filled.

Widely used across Singapore 

Open your business to more than 3 million users by accepting PayNow


Step 1: Go to your bank and register your UEN* for PayNow Corporate. *Add a 3-digit alpha-numeric suffix to your company’s UEN to create multiple PayNow proxies, which can be linked to multiple bank accounts.

Step 2: Launch FoodZaps App -> Setting -> Payment Type -> Add a new Payment Type "PayNow" and configure the Payment Terminal. 


PAYNOW#201400624N:1:FoodZaps Technology Pte Ltd:Queue #QUEUE#. Receipt No #ORDER# :<b>Scan to Pay $#AMOUNT#.</b><br>Supported Bank - Citibank, DBS/POSB, HSBC, Maybank, OCBC, UOB, Standard Chartered, Bank of China


For customer display, the bill need to be saved in order for the PayNow QR Code to be shown.

For Online Order, need to include the PAYNOW configuration in the default online payment.