Enter a specific queue number and the Queue number flashed onto a display.

The same app can work as Queue Control or Queue Display.

Queue Display

1. Install on Android tablet or TV

2. Connect to the WiFi

3. Launch the Queue Display and connect to the same IP as Queue Control

Enter the IP of the Queue Control -> Click Connect

Push  from Queue Control to Queue Display

After add Counter on the Queue Control, there are 2 options to send counters to the Queue Display

Option 1: Press "Send" in the pad.

Option 2: Click on the next counter and it will automatically enter for the previous counter.

When the Queue Display is received, it will emit a tone.

Queue Control

1. Install on Android mobile or tablet 

2. Launch the Queue Control and configure the followings:

Select Setting to be configured:

2.1 No of counters :

Enter the number of Counters you want to display.

2.2 Auto Start: If installed, the App will open automatically when power on or open device.

2.3 Shortcut keys :

Click [Edit Shortcut] to be able to update, or add Shortcut keys.

a.Show / Hide Shortcut : 

If selected, the Shortcut will appear

b.Add Shortcut :

 Click Add -> Enter a name and select Icon for Shortcut  -> Click OK

C.Edit / Remove Shortcut 

-Press and hold Shortcut to edit -> Change information -> Click Ok

-Press and hold Shortcut to Remove ->  Click Remove

2.4  Queue Display Template  (HTML)

Click on Reset Default Template to choose the type of Template

a.Template 1 : 

b.Template 2

c.The interface can be edited as desired by editing directly in the HTML


If you don't know HTML, you may contact assist@foodzaps.com for customization. 

Please provide the following in the email:

(1). Device type and model 

(2). The type of queue display you wish to have


3. Add Counter

-[CLEAR COUNTERS ]: Remove all existing Counter on the Queue Control

-[CLR]: Clear selected counter text 

-[<]: Clear the character in front of the cursor