A: FoodZaps is an android application providing easy to set up food ordering management system to small/medium restaurants and bars to simply and smooth their business process. We provide a comprehensive food/beverage ordering management system which is user friendly and with low hardware requirement to help your F&B business to operate in an effective and cost efficient manner. 

FoodZaps allows any non-IT background user to setup everything in any android devices within minutes. Other than food ordering and point of sales feature, FoodZaps also generates easy-to-understand analytic reports (i.e. sales report, top dishes report, etc.) to give you a comprehensive overview of your business’s status and to support you on decision making. On top of that, all orders are recorded by our inventory management services to help you to keep track of your stock, and to remind you when the stock is running low.  

FoodZaps allows offline ordering, eliminates the need of having an internet connection constantly within your store. Providing a more stable platform ensure everything runs well 24/7. Eliminate the high cost of purchasing a server and server maintenance. With low requirements on hardware, FoodZaps can be easily setup on any android devices at all time, even works on your staff’s personal phone.