A: Subscribing email to the daily sales report

    1. Login to https://login.foodzaps.com/

    2. Select "Control Station" Tab

    3. Select the control station if more than one. 

    4. Enter the email address where the daily sales report to be sent then click “Update”.

    5. A pop up will appear showing that a verification email has been sent to the specified email address. Click ok.

    6. On the sent email, click “Verify” or the Link to verify the email

   Unsubscribing email to the daily sales report

   1. Do steps 1 to 3 above.

   2. Choose "Disable" and click "Update".

   3. Click "Yes" on the pop up message to confirm the removal of email for the daily sales report.

   See attachment for illustration: Subscribing/Unsubscribing Email on Daily Sales Report.pdf