A: Yes subscription plan can be transferred but only for for PAID plan and 7 days before the expiry date. Follow the steps below.

On the new device:

1. Install FoodZaps app

2. Login using your same account



3. Once logged in, the following popup notification will appear. To transfer the plan to the new device tap "Yes"


4. Another popup notification will appear to ask for the transfer code


5. Follow the instructions on the popup message to get the transfer code

6. Take note, you must select the correct control station ID with the existing plan you want to transfer to the new device

To change control station ID:

6.1. Select the "Select" button on the upper right of the page

6.2.Select control station ID to change . Click Save Changes.

7. Scroll down to "Transfer Plan to Other Device" section then click "Generate"

8. Once transfer code is generated, input the code on the device then tap Transfer. This will automatically transfer the plan to your new device!

9. Any issues? please contact us through assist@foodzaps.com