If you have an USB printer and you are not certain if it is compatible with Android, follow the steps below to find out and get your printer connected !

1. In FoodZaps, Navigate to Setting -> Receipt/Report Printer

2. under connection, enter: usb:vendor id:product id

3. to get vendor id and product id for your printer:

  • On your controller, navigate to PlayStore, Search for "USB Device Info"
  • Download and install the app "USB Device info"
  • Upon successful installation, plugin your printer to the controller(tablet/mobile)
  • Open app "USB Device Info" , you should be able to see your connected printer under the Device List (if printer is not shown, check the connection cable, or the printer is not supported by Android)
  • Tap on the device name to view vendor ID and Product ID

4. enter under Dots/Char per line :504