A: Yes, you can assigned each user with different user rights.

    Note: This is a paid feature which will be enabled once you’re subscribed for FoodZaps Subscription Plan , Click here for the pricing https://www.foodzaps.com/pricing-2016/

To create a user with specific user rights, go to Setting>User

1.  For a user to have the admin rights, just select the Permission "Admin"

         - admin rights has the full rights (no limitations on changing the configuration of FoodZaps).


2. Chef user rights, has the right of a waiter and able to update item status in progress station. Admin can also add the right to Edit Inventory.



3. Cashier has the right to take/edit orders and able to perform billing. Note: Admin can also give rights to Cashier to edit inventory & reopen/refund/access sales report and the max discount can give per item.



4. Waiter - only can take, edit order, split quantity, change table number but cannot cancel order already confirmed. You must unselect all.