A: In order to provide you with a fresh order environment everyday, FoodZaps auto clear the unpaid orders in your Order Station at the end of each operation date by marking the orders as payment pending. 

There are special cases where the orders will need to be saved in the order station and shown on the following days for late payment settlement. 

Our first table in your order station - "Starred" table, serve the purpose of Bookmark frequent order, taking down pre-order, and to save order for late payment settlement. The orders that are being "Bookmark" will always be shown in "Starred" table and you can use "Bookmark" option in the dropdown in your order to remove it from "Starred" Table. 

To Save an order for late settlement, you can follow the suggested steps below: 

1. Create a table that is specially used for on-credit orders in your Order Station 

  • Although your orders are being bookmarked and are shown in your "Starred" table, the unpaid order will still be shown in the table that you've taken your order till the end of   the business operation hour  , create a table specially for on-credit orders provide you with the ability to shift all your unpaid on-credit order in order to clear the dinning table for other dinners. 
  • To create a table, Navigate to Setting -> Order Configure -> type in a preferred table name and separate the tables by ","

2. Save an on-credit order as in "Starred" table

  • For an order that has been place but the payment will only be settled in the upcoming days, you will want to bookmark the order into "Starred" table in order for it to be displayed in the upcoming days and always ready for payment settlement
  • To bookmark an order , in the order details, Tap on the top-right dropdown button and select "Bookmark". 

  • Once the order has been "Bookmark" , shift the order to your credit table (Refer to step 1) to clear the current table for  new dinner(s). You can leave a table note to indicate the identity/notes of the order.

  • Orders in "Starred" table are displayed by order time and date, Tap on the "Starred" table to view all Bookmark orders and tap on the order for order details and to make billing settlement


  • To remove order from "Starred" table before/after bill settlement (mark bill as paid) ,  simply go into the order and tap on the "Bookmark" button in the drop-down list. 

Send us an email at assist@foodzaps.com or leave us a message if you have any doubts !