A: FoodZaps can be download and install in any Android device through Google Play Store by searching "FoodZaps".

Note: Minimum requirement for Android device to run FoodZaps is Android OS 4.0 or later and at least 1GB RAM.

Google Playstore:

  • Search "foodzaps" at Google Play Store then install. 


  • Open FoodZaps once it is installed successfully. You can go through the intro pages or tap "START MY....." to start your free trial. It will go directly to the Registration Page. 



  • On the Registration page fill out the necessary information to get the Premium free trial for a limited time, where you will be entitled to use features like "User Management", "Inventory Management", "Daily Sales Report", "Sales Report analytics" on http://login.foodzaps.com, and many more.

  • Once the registration successful it will send verification email.  


  • At the "Preparing your Sample Menu" page, you choose which describes most of your business then tap "Let's Start".


  •  It will download sample menu for you with a simple tutorial.



  • It will go through with the tutorial checklist or you can tap "I'm FoodZaps Ready" to skip the remaining tutorial.


  • Once your done it will take you to the FoodZaps Home Screen. Congratulations ! Your Menu is now setup and you are ready for your first sale from "Order Station"(Waiting Table Sales) or "Quick Order"(Grab and Go Sales)!