The recommended printer is EPSON TM82 with Ethernet interface.

The printer is capable of support multi-languages and concurrent print from more than one ordering device.

Below is the recommended configuration:

1. On the printer, via the EPSON TMNET Web Config:

    1.1 In the TCP/IP Setting, set Get IP as Auto

    1.2 In the Advance Setting, set Physical Layer Setting as 10Base-T/Half

2. On the Router, manually assigned the IP address by the printer MAC address.

3. On FoodZaps:

    3.1 Select Epson 80mm, Epson 80mm/Large Font or Epson 80mm/ExtraLarge Font. The font size will size will affect the order slip.

    3.2 Enter the IP address address of the printer or use the Auto search function.

    3.3 The no of dots/char per line is 572.

If the printer can't reach the router via LAN, can consider to use Wireless Router as configure as Client Mode which convert WiFi to LAN.

Example of Wireless Router:

-150Mbps Wireless N Nano Router

- WiFi Pocket Router/AP/TV Adapter/Repeater

To enable