Your subscription to FoodZaps software licensing is depends on your Control Station ID (Setting->This Device-> Control Station ID)

A new Control Station ID is generated when when you switched your Control Station (Tablet/Mobile that is running as Control Station) to a new device or a factory reset of FoodZaps App.

To restore/switch data from an old control station to a new control station, follow the steps below:


1. Backup your data on your current Control Station 

  • Setting -> This Device -> Tap on Top-Right Drop down button -> Select "Backup Data" -->Select either Local only or Local + Google Drive.
  • If you choose Local + Google Drive, after saving at the local folders, it will direct you to the Google Drive. It will ask you for the Google Drive account for the first time.




  • Navigate to  a folder in your device to store your backup file
  • Tap "Export Now!" to export backup

2. On your new Control Station Device
  • Install FoodZaps on
  • Transfer your Backup file into your new device (by micro USB/email/dropbox/bluetooth)
  • Open FoodZaps on your new Control Station Device
  • Tap "I'M AN EXISTING USER" to skip the tutorial if you are already familiar with FoodZaps

  • On 'Operation Mode' page, tap on the "Restore from Backup" located at the bottom of the page. Choose the location of the backup file (Local or on Google Drive)


  • Select your Backup file and wait for FoodZaps to restart 
  • Login to your new Controller with your existing subscription Email via Setting->Plan & Billing
  • Once you login, it will ask you if you want to transfer existing plan. For transferring of existing subscription plan, follow the link

            Transfer of Subscription Plan to another device

  • Once login, must clear the transactions on the new controller since backup file from your old control station also contains the transaction data. Go to Setting>This Device>on the dropdown menu on top select Delete Transaction
*****If you have any question regarding to the switch of Controller, please drop us an email at with your registered email address and the last 6 digits your new Control Station ID (Setting->This Device->Control Station ID). Our support staff will assist you with your questions.