Pre-order SMS enables you to receive SMS from your customer and auto-convert the SMS as an order in your FoodZaps " Order Station ", Stored under table " Online Order "

Here's a little more on how does the SMS Pre-Order feature work:

The SMS Pre-Order Feature enabled a unique Item Code on your FoodZaps Menu Website 

Here's a sample Free Online Menu that you can upload from your Control Station, Setting->Online Store , to publish your free online menu , refer to :

Before we start, here's what you'll need :

1. A Control Station (Android tablet/mobile) 

    that is 3G/4G enabled

2. A SIM card 

    with a valid registered contact number that is live and ready to use

3. A FoodZaps Full Course Plan 

    SMS Pre-Order feature is only available for users that are subscribed with FoodZaps Full Course Plan (for FoodZaps subscription plan, refer to

4. Photos for your menu items

    that are well organised and ready to be published to your customers (Setting->Menu)

5. A Published FoodZaps Online Menu from your controller

    For steps to publish online menu, refer to

Have everything ready ? It's time to setup for SMS Pre-Order !

Steps (Please refer also below photos)

After the menu already been set up and finalised, go to Settings--->Online Store

1. You can choose the Theme for your online menu.

2. Click Edit Logo if it is not yet set up during Receipt Configure. Edit Logo will redirect you the Receipt Configure set yup page.

3. You can set text beside and below the logo. Note it supports only limited HTML styled text.

    You may refer below link for the detail of limited HTML styled text.

4. To create the online menu, click the Publish Menu to Website. After it upload the images, a URL will appear. This is the link you can

    publish on your ads or share to your other websites.

5. To activate the pre-ordering SMS, enable the SMS feature and provide the phone number that will receives the SMS verification code.

    Note that the verification code can be found on the online menu. For every menu item there is a corresponding generated code.

    You can edit the generated code on the Menu add/editing page.

6. Activate the auto reply message. You can personalised or leave it blank (default message will automatically sent).

7. Enter what number starts that you will be accepting the pre-order sms (i.e +658, +659, 8, 9).

8. You can also enter what number starts that you want to block.

9. Enable this if you want to print SMS to the order printer.

10. You can add a phone number where the pre-order SMS will be forwarded.

11. Publish Menu again. Item code should appear for every menu item. Please refer to photo 2.

12. Save and exit.

Photo 1: Online Store set up page.

Photo 2: Sample of published menu with item code.

13. To edit the Item code. You can go to Settings --->Menu.

14. Go to the menu item that you need to change the code. Edit the code which is located below part of the page.

How to make an order:

    - Sample SMS Order for take away : <Item Code>[space]<Qty>[comma][space]<Item Code>[space]<pick up time>

           Example: 1050 2, 2021 1 5pm

    - Sample SMS Order for for delivery  :  <Item Code>[space]<Qty>[comma][space]<Item Code>[space]<address>

           Example: 1050 2, 2021 1 #8 Burn Road Unit 13-01