This is to show the basic network connection for you to start with FoodZaps.

You need the following devices:

1. Modem/router for your internet connection (provided by Internet Service Provider)

2. Router for your FoodZaps set-up. It is recommended to have a separate router so that anything happens on the main modem/router, it will not affect your POS system. 

3. A cashier drawer with standard receipt printer interface: Standard cash drawer I/O interface: 12V/24V for RJ11/RJ12

4. Receipt printer with LAN and RJ11/RJ12 interface. 


  - Take note of the network connection between the FoodZaps POS system router to Telco modem/router which is WAN port to LAN port respectively. 

  - Controller must be connected to the Wi-Fi of the FoodZaps POS system router.